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What's going on?

What's going on?

You know that feeling you get when the perfect song comes on while you’re driving? The sun is shining, and your outfit is on point. You look good & you feel good. The scenery & sounds are inspiring you to be a dashboard drummer, you’re living your best life. Things might be hectic but, in that moment, you are transported to a daydream in your head. A vibe only you know that’s messy and magical, it’s beautiful, and it’s yours. Every time you hear that song you kind of go back to that moment and the song becomes something more than just a melody and fancy words. Are you with me? Did a song come to mind? A specific memory? Ok, now roll with me here and remember that feeling.

POV: It’s a stormy morning, I’ve got my coffee & the perfect rainy day vibes playlist on, a wood wick candle is lit and crackling. I’m reading through these gorgeous cookbooks I purchased the night before at a wonderful event. I’m processing everything, smiling often at the fun times that were had and my mouth is watering thinking about how fantastic the food was. Ok, the mood is set.

What was the event? What are the books called? I’m glad you asked! The event was a bread class called Out There with Greg Fox, at the gorgeous Heart & Home showroom in Topeka, KS. The books are called Out There, recipes + stories from The Hamptons and the second is recipes + stories from New York City. Greg Fox is one of the kindest & humble people I’ve met recently. The class involved making 4 recipes, fermented dough bread, tomato dill soup, Out There vinaigrette & tips for successful salads, and pizza dough. There was snacking and a light meal to follow of all the things we made. It was BYOB, so my husband and I brought a tasty bottle of red wine to pair with everything.

The food was absolutely to die for! Greg walked us through each recipe. His approach to life and cooking and how they intertwine is admirable. There were 17 of us in attendance and the style was hands on as we stood around the gorgeous kitchen island talking, learning, eating, and drinking. So where does the “perfect song” scenario come into play here?

Just like a song can transport you, the food and experience last night did the same for me! I’m still thinking about it all as I’m reading through his cookbooks, a must buy if you ask me. The bread was cozy like a warm blanket over you and your partner as you’re snuggled up on the patio furniture under the stars. Don’t get me started on the Tomato Dill soup, it was so simple to make yet tasted as if it had stewed over a fire for 5 days. It makes me crave rainy days so I can make batches and batches of it with grilled cheese and take it to all my friends. The salad was refreshing and light, making me crave each bite and transporting me to a seaside restaurant. I could smell the salty air and feel the wind blowing my dress around me as I held onto my hat and closed my eyes to take in the moment. Please tell me you’ve seen the movie Under the Tuscan Sun, because that is where the pizza took me. I was sitting at a bistro table on a cobblestone road outside of a café, listening to the water in the fountain square trickle around me.

It was a special night out, you see, my husband and I have a 5-month-old at home and have not had a date to ourselves in quite some time. It was a moment for us to get out and be who we were before having a kid, and that’s a cool thing. It makes you remember little details about yourself and the things that you love about your relationship before you took on a new role together as parents. It’s easy to forget about that when you’re so focused on the new miracle in the family and making sure you are creating a life and path for them to be successful.

It’s a feeling that is almost indescribable but if you know, you know. I’m getting chills just thinking about it all. Here’s the deal, nobody knew that about my husband and I at this event. They didn’t know what that experience meant to us. They didn’t know that I’m a new business owner on top of being a new mom, struggling to find a balance between these two roles. They didn’t know that I needed that night with my partner so badly to breathe some normalcy back into me that wasn’t Coco Melon, dirty diapers, or feeding schedules. They weren’t aware that it meant everything to me to have a conversation with other adults!

I’m thinking through all the other people who were there and each of us has our own story, our own battles. Each of those people there had a whole days’ worth of life before coming to this space. Who knows what was going on in their personal lives or what daily struggles they deal with? In that moment we were all able to leave our worries behind. 17 people, most of us strangers to each other who came together and bonded over food. It was an escape from reality, from the ups and downs of life. It was a wonderous feeling being a part of something that couldn’t really happen much over the last couple years, due to the pandemic. That feeling is something special and a reminder to be kind to others because you never know what they’re going through.

The night couldn’t have been more delicious or perfect and it deserved to be talked about. I’m not a writer or a food critic. I’m not an experienced blogger or influencer. I may not be a lot of things, but I am a human being with wild dreams, thoughts, and feelings. They’re always floating around in my head, and this is my way to get them out. To let them be heard. Here you have it, my inner-monologue-turned-first-blog post. Something I’ve always wanted to do! There is never going to be a right time to start something, but if it feels right just go with it. When I woke up this morning feeling like my cup was full again, I had no idea that it would inspire me to write out my first blog post, but here we are!

I encourage you to find an outlet that allows you to express yourself! Maybe it’s through food, music, exercise, gardening, or styling outfits. Take some time for yourself, your relationships, and your life. Just like a recipe, when you add the right ingredients, the outcome is delicious. Sometimes it’s salty, sometimes it’s sweet. Slow down and let it simmer, until the consistency is just right for you. Approach your life like a recipe, only add in the ingredients you like and substitute the ones that work for your taste preference. Leave out the ones that don’t. Fill your life with your favorite ingredients and you’ll be creating one hell of a recipe.

Thanks for reading along, friend. I hope something about this organized chaos resonated with you and that the perfect song comes on next, sending your smile to the corners of your wildest daydreams.

*Cue What’s Up? by 4 Non Blondes*

Xo, Miranda

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