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Welcome to BUHNDI

The idea of Buhndi was created while its founder, Miranda Lorenz was in school at Kansas State University. She was studying Apparel & Textiles with a specialization in Design & Production. Miranda designed a digital collection that focused on this concept but went on to finish her schooling. While in school and post graduation, Miranda worked in the corporate world as a Technical Designer. The idea of starting her own business never went away, so in the middle of a pandemic, Miranda quit her full time job to pursue the entrepreneurial journey and bring Buhndi to life. 

 Buhndi, was a nickname given to her as a young girl from her family, although spelled differently. In fact, they still call her that to this day. When thinking of the way she wanted to make people feel when they wear her designs, she kept coming back to how unique her nickname always made her feel. 

 Buhndi is a mindset for her and it makes her feel empowered, unique, and beautiful! This is how she wants every person to feel when they wear Buhndi. Uniquely polished.


Miranda wanted to create a wardrobe that transitions through time, seasons, and trends. Creating designs that utilize simple construction, but elevated materials. There will be a series of bases and blueprints that can attach and detach from each other. Buhndi utilizes zippers to help this concept come to life. This is called Modular Fashion, which “refers to clothing items that have detachable pieces, so that one can easily alter the clothing item to suit changing needs and tastes over time.” 

 Modular Fashion allows the customer to be a part of the process! You get to choose what your final piece looks like. You choose the color, style, or print. The best part? Any future attachments will match back to the base! So you are not only creating a look that you love, you’re investing in a sustainable, transitional, wardrobe that you can continue to build on for years to come. 

 Miranda would like to thank you for supporting her dream and wish you a happy and unique shopping experience. 

Don’t forget to polish yourselves, Miranda Lorenz 

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