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We want you to feel uniquely polished.

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Your Base is the classic staple piece that serves as the foundation for your new, transitional wardrobe. Wear it alone or zip on our Blueprints to transition your look throughout the day, seasons, or trends.

choose your blueprint.

Your Blueprint is where you get to have fun! Choose from multiple styles and colorways to create a unique look. The best part? Any future Blueprints will match back to your Base so you can continue to purchase them in different colors or styles to create a transitional wardrobe that you ultimately design. (see sizing for compatible Blueprints to Bases.)

polish yourself.

Show us how you polish yourself!
Tag us on Instagram @shopbuhndi wearing your new fit so we can see how YOU designed your final look. #polishyourself each & every day!

Modular fashion is fashion that has detachable parts.

Each base will have blueprints or add-ons that you can choose from to create your full look. Once you purchase a base from us, you can build on that look as we launch different blueprints. ⁠ ⁠

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We want you to feel empowered, beautiful, and uniquely polished.

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Meet the CEO and Architect of Clothing at Buhndi

Hey, I'm Miranda!

Miranda wanted to create a wardrobe that transitions through time, seasons, and trends. Creating designs that utilize simple construction, but elevated materials. There will be a series of bases and blueprints that can attach and detach from each other. Buhndi utilizes zippers to help this concept come to life. This is called Modular Fashion, which “refers to clothing items that have detachable pieces, so that one can easily alter the clothing item to suit changing needs and tastes over time.”

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Do you know the origin of your clothes?

Buhndi aims to stand out and be transparent in all aspects of our brand.

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